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Accept your gift graciously

I view being female breadwinner as a gift.

Like any gift, when you first get it you might ask yourself:

  • How can I use it?
  • Is this really for me?
  • Why didn’t they realise I would have much preferred something that sparkles from the jewellers?

Some gifts you might try to return, others you might hide at the back of the cupboard and try to forget.   If you’re lucky you’ll really adore your gift and use it daily, because as soon as it’s wrapping paper is daintily plied apart or ferociously ripped open, it fits with who you are and what you are about.

So for some being female breadwinner fits like a glove from the start, other women grow to slowly like it and for the remaining women it’s equivalent to the hand knitted jumper that you receive at Christmas, that you wouldn’t be seen dead in.

You know what – any gift that life presents you with should be accepted as such, you still have the power and freedom to adapt it to your needs. The ugly teapot can be used as a planter and the awful jumper can be used to sleep in on cold nights. The only limit is your bias and imagination.

Wondering how you can bespoke being breadwinner just for you?

Some ideas:

Recognise what it gives you: fun, financial security, power and use it to carefully and sensitively to craft the life you want.

Do it your way, you make the rules and you decide how you want to live by them.

Let me know how you are bespoking being Female breadwinner, your way.

My forthcoming book: Rocking Your Role – the ‘how to’ guide to success for Female Breadwinners, is all about creating your best life and enjoying this gift.

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2 thoughts on “Accept your gift graciously

  1. This is an awesome blog. I only just discovered it today, but as a highly successful business woman, I’ve been having a hard time negotiating work, relationships and what not. In just about every relationship I’ve been in, I’ve been the main wage earner, but even so, I was with partners that had a hard time dealing with the fact that I made more money. I let guys tell me how to spend my own money and made me feel guilty for buying something for myself while they spent my money on themselves. Luckly I’m with a guy that loves me for me and doesn’t care that I make more. While I’ve never been too vocal about being a breadwinner in the past, I feel I can be more open to it now, since my husband doesn’t seem to mind it and because it’s fairly obviouse to those that know us and know what we do for a living, making more than twice the amount of money he makes. I hope to get caught up here soon!

    • I am delighted to hear from you Nancy, thanks so much for reading my blog.
      Sounds like you are really celebrating being a female breadwinner now.
      What advice would you give to other women on how to make the most of it?
      Can’t wait to hear from you

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