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Guilt is the enemy, stop holding its hand.

What am I talking about?

Well guilt is a crutch for many women, you may say that you don’t like it but somehow your actions show something different. Like the abusive partner, you just keep going back.

Think that you’re not that kind of girl? More sense, more savvy.

What have you felt guilty about in the last 24 hours?


  • You didn’t call your Mum, your sister, your best friend.
  • You didn’t talk kindly to a work colleague or the person who sold you your diet coke.
  • Perhaps you think you are neglecting your partner or your kids.
  • Or you haven’t looked after the spiritual side of your life recently,
  • Maybe it’s that you haven’t be to the gym or eaten right.

Stop kidding yourself, like the abusive partner, the only way to get rid of guilt is to tell him you don’t need any more. It’s over and you’re not coming back. Yes, you might miss him in the beginning, but there are many more emotions to hold hands with.

Imagine life without guilt…wow, there was an audible sigh of relief.

What would you replace it with?  Enjoying every moment, maybe?

Every time you feel guilt today, replace it with a more positive and energising feeling, like gratitude, joy, hope and see how others around you respond and how you feel.

Let me know.

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