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Lessons from chicken pasties

I am sharing an experience from my journey yesterday, bear with me, there is a point to it when you get to the end.

Yesterday I was travelling to Coventry to facilitate a team session with a group of managers about how they could leverage coaching within their organisation and with their clients.

On my way I realised that I needed to eat while travelling if I was to have lunch. I try not to skip meals, although it does happen when I am rushing from one place to another, especially if I don’t plan it in.

I went into the coffee shop at Milton Keynes station and asked for a chicken pasty and decaf latte and realised that I didn’t have enough cash on me. The woman advised that she couldn’t take a card as her machine wasn’t working. So I just bought a coffee with the cash I had. I then saw that there was another coffee shop on another platform and asked if they had a card machine and was told yes, I asked the minimum card transaction and realised that if I went to that coffee shop I would need to buy something extra that I didn’t need in order to buy my pasty.

Due to a bit of laziness and a reluctance to end up purchasing unhealthy snacks to make up the difference in order to pay by card, I resigned myself to being hungry.

Without me asking or even hinting the woman running the coffee shop closed up shop, walked across to the other platform, got the credit card machine and let me use it to buy my pasty.

Wow! Talk about the kindness of strangers. Maybe she heard my tummy rumbling from a distance, but I like to think she was a kind soul. She definitely did her good deed for the day.

I am planning to pay it forward over the coming days – what random act of kindness have you received recently? Or perhaps you want to start the chain yourself.

Incidentally when I returned home, I found some change in my bag, so none of this actually needed to take place, but it’s restored my face in humankind.

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