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If you don’t ask, you don’t get

I’ve been impressed with women I have met recently, who have mastered the art of asking for what they want. 0ne of them was Lara Morgan, the woman is a dynamic, strong, funny and a seriously successful business woman.

I thought I did ask for what I want until I met her, then I realised that I wait and hope that people will know what I want.

It took me back to interview I had, maybe 20 years ago, when the interviewer, a charismatic, brash Scotsman, asked me – ‘do you have any further questions’ and I replied that I didn’t think so. He then asked me again whether I had any further questions and the penny dropped, I asked if I had the job and he said yes, then and there.

Do you ask what you want to know?

  • If you have the job
  • If you have the order
  • If you are doing the right thing
  • If things are going Ok

Or are you hoping someone will tell you when they’re ready.

How many times have you kicked yourself and thought if only I’d asked. Or how many situations would have been avoided if you asked earlier.

I think I don’t always ask because I think it’s a bit impolite or I haven’t thought through what I want to say. So I need to plan what I want to say in advance and picture the benefits of what I’ll receive if I do.

What about you, any tips for me?

I am on my way to a networking event and I am going to ask women I meet if they’d like to join my LinkedIn Group or hold a launch for my book: Rocking Your Role, The ‘how to’ guide to success for Female Breadwinners.

There’s nothing to lose, because if I don’t ask, I won’t get after all!


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