For women who Rock their Role in work and life

I dare you

I’ve attended many women’s event this March and enjoyed them thoroughly.

The NUS black women’s conference, Women Unlimited, WOW festival, Sabbs sizing revolution and Bella networking all gave me the opportunity to connect with interesting and inspirational women.

They’ve all been great and have been left with a sense of sisterhood, of we’re all in it together.

I’ve mentioned my book to those who’ve been interested and the response has generally been that women don’t really talk in public about being breadwinner, everyone has a ‘friend’ who is but it’s never them.

It has led me to question what sisterhood means, is it that we only discuss the same issues over and over. Although I am impressed and mostly awestruck by women activists on inequality, I am also stunned that we are still having similar conversations to those we had a decade ago.

If we are not discusing inequality, we are having surface level conversations about bags, shoes and career. (don’t get me wrong, I love bags shoes, cake, wine…..)

Maybe the conversations that I am looking for belong behind closed doors, with those in your inner circle, but how then will they come into the light so that everyone can benefit.

The current rhetoric of giving and sharing more evenly when it comes to the economy, should, I think extend to all aspects of life.

As sisters how can we give and share more?

Your personal story could help another woman immensely if you could dare to say it out loud.

Now there’s a challenge for you.

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