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Representing the female breadwinner

I am delighted to say that I have been working with the designer on the cover of my book.  I was really excited about this part in the process, (much more exciting than editing) but I have to admit that I struggled to find an image that represents the female breadwinner.

I toyed with the idea of hunter gatherer but the title feels a bit out of date in modern society. Although there is something quite tribal about the term ‘breadwinner’, it conjures for me an image of women who maternally nurture their family, but are also willing to fight for them.

Then I pondered on what a female breadwinner looks like, photo’s varied in my opinion from too alpha female to too whimsical. I would be pigeon holing women when the diversity of female breadwinner is huge, a big no, no.

Lastly, I thought of symbols used to identify with women, such as: shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, and also money – because it is an undeniable aspect of breadwinning.

Books on the subject seem to favour the colours black and pink: Female Breadwinners, The Richer Sex and Bringing home the Bacon and have used a handbag, butterfly and a woman peeling off her blouse to reveal her superwoman costumer on their book covers.

What image do you think I decided upon?

What would you have chosen?

I am going to keep you guessing until the book is out.

There may be a prize in it if you guess correctly

My book Rocking Your Role – the ‘how to’ guide to success for Female Breadwinners, will be out in June 2012

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