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Stressed out Female Breadwinners

Are you stressed? Who isn’t? Sometimes it seems that if you’re not stressed in today’s society, people suspect something is wrong with you. I actually think certain individuals compete about how stressed they are: “You’re not as stressed as me; I have two jobs, five kids and a dog to manage but you only have half the responsibility.” With the competing demands of work and home, pressure to succeed and often feeling a lack of control over your life, it’s no wonder you’re stressed!

How do you feel when you encounter stress? I get terrible tension and an ache in my shoulders and neck. If you read what the experts say; typically our blood pressure rises, we begin to perspire and our breathing becomes shallow. Our body activates its fight-or-flight response, and it takes at least twenty-four hours for the body to recover and get back to normal. Many people live in a state of chronic stress and imbalance, and that contributes to their emotional and physical un-wellbeing.

Perhaps now this is revealing to you why you’ve been feeling out of sorts lately.

The question is do you want to do something about it? It’s easy to be complacent and think just because everyone else is stressed too, that it’s OK; that it’s the normal way of being, but I’m sure you want more than to just make do. As a Female Breadwinner you are holding it all together, so is it worth risking it all falling apart?

Here are four tips to help you manage stress:

  1. 1.       ‘Don’t waste time’ – do you procrastinate l, leave things to the last minute, do the jobs you like first? The sense of not having planned your time effectively is a big contributor to stress. Don’t just dive into your day – plan your day!
  2. 2.        ‘Look after yourself’ – when you are busy and stressed it’s easy to make poor food choices or skip meals altogether.  Often we feel so busy that we neglect exercise also.  Eating well and exercise fuel you and make you strong – neglecting them is a big mistake and will only contribute to your stress levels.
  3. 3.        ‘Take time out to relax and recharge your batteries’ – I  don’t mean sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine, this is numbing the senses and doesn’t help you to feel good in the long term. I relax through meditation, for you it might be a nice luxurious bath, a leisurely walk or maybe even a holiday.  Find some time in which you are completely able to switch off however short.
  4. 4.       ‘Try to see things differently’ – your perspective on things determines how stressed you feel about them, try to see things from another point of view or talk them through with someone close. Turn the negatives into positives.

Wishing you a stress free day!

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Here are some further links to information on handling stress:


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