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Breadwinner or Homemaker – Revolutionising your role

It’s really interesting that since I have started talking about my book, many more Female Breadwinners have come to me and told me of their challenges and reasons to celebrate their role in life.  My book is aimed at women, so I suppose there is no surprise that I have heard very little from men.  However when women have mentioned their partners, it seems that it is often they and not the women who feel the stigma of earning less and being a stay-at-home Dad.

It’s sad but true that men are probably going to be the ones to revolutionise how being a homemaker is valued, because as far as I know women have never really successfully monetised the role of homemaker and enabled it to be recognised as seriously impacting society, but something tells me that men will!

** Women take note. We have something to learn from men, they are not afraid to state their worth in terms that make people stand up, listen and take notice.  In ways that we are often too humble to admit or in many cases don’t value in ourselves.**

The outcome of this change in view of the homemaker will be a better understanding for the both of the sexes, and ultimately society, of the challenges and benefits of being breadwinner and being homemaker and, dare I say it insights into how to do them better.  Although there needs to be a full recognition that both will come at the roles differently.

Sad but true, men may do what women couldn’t, but right now women have the capacity to revolutionise what it means to be the breadwinner, will we grab this opportunity by the horns as men surely will?

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