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Is she the Ultimate Female Breadwinner?

I have started reading Karren Brady’s book – Strong Woman, ambition, grit and a great pair of heels. Great title, dont you think, particularly the tag line. I must admit that I have only read the first and sixth chapters. it may sound an unconventional way to read a book, but I wanted to know more about her and her thoughts on being a breadwinner and they were encompassed in these two chapters. I will definitely read the rest of the book, but my kindle battery died on me and I think my daughter has hidden the charger in her room somewhere.

When I think of a successful female breadwinner, I always think of Karren, so it was good to begin to get an insight into how she has made it a success. Karren describes herself as a working Mum and says that her Catholicism and trust between her and her husband is what has made it work, (I am paraphrasing here) she also says that they share the money, it is not his, or hers, but theirs.

It wasn’t an in-depth insight into what it means to be a female breadwinner as that is not what the book is about, but we definitely get a sense that Karren is an extremely independent, direct and driven woman who absolutely adores her family.

Even with all this strength, confidence and ambition, there was a slight  tone  of self depreciation common with women, when she described herself more than once as not being particularly academic or clever, she didn’t go on to University to do a degree.

However what stood out from what I have read is her experience of attending Aldenham boys school for a couple of years and her ease with and understanding of men it seems as a result. I have noticed that female breadwinners often have male role models and influences and that the key to success in business is not to act like a man, but to be able to converse and work in ways that men appreciate.

So what?

Karren is one woman who clearly demonstrates success as a female breadwinner, hers is one way and she doesn’t try to sell her way of life to others.  What we need is other female breadwinners to be open about how they navigate their lives so that we can view the plethora of approaches to it.

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