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Ooops I lied

A few days ago I wrote a post about the fact that women are in the closet as breadwinners and don’t feel they have permission to speak out.

Well I lied, not on purpose, but I did.

Some women are out and proud (go girls) and I have been speaking to them over the last few days.  Women who work full time while their partners are stay-at-home Dads, work part -time or earn less.

What’s different?  Well the key ingredient seems to be that they are being championed by their loving spouses.  Their partners have their back, so to speak.

This is both refreshing and disappointing, because whilst I celebrate these evolved men (pat on the back lads)

I also wish women would give themselves permission and not wait for it to be handed to them by others.

A bit of advice a great boss I had once gave me was, it’s often best to act and ask forgiveness later, than do nothing.

I’ve been living by it ever since and actually I rarely have to ask forgiveness.

So yes, there are loving modern, trendsetting couples out there making it work and willing to speak up about it, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Let’s change things!!!

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2 thoughts on “Ooops I lied

  1. Rebekah on said:

    I think most female breadwinners are of the mindset that it shouldn’t matter who makes more money and that they shouldn’t draw attention to themselves for being the breadwinner, because they feel they might upset their partner.

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