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Selective or Broadcast? you decide

If you ask my colleague s they would usually say that I am really responsive to emails and messages, but lately I have just been weighed down by the sheer weight of email traffic.

I have the tried the Four D’s of email management but still find they I am struggling. It took me half a day this week to get back on top.

I had a look at my emails and yes there are some e-newsletter subscriptions that I should definitely press the unsubscribe button on, but my biggest issue is being cc’d.

The problem with being cc’d is that you have to read through the email to find out if it was indeed something you needed to be cc’d on in the first place.  By the time you realise that it wasn’t something you needed to read right now, you are faced with the second decision which is to file it for reference or delete, more time wasted.

Just think if we spoke in the same way we cc’d, we’d need a loudspeaker and we’d all be shouting, or we would go around saying the same thing to people over and over again just in case.  It’s different to broadcasting a message on twitter or facebook because people have a choice, they expect it and can dip in and out of the conversation.

I’ve talked about the symptoms, but what about the cause.  Why do we cc?

  • Blame culture, covering our back
  • Being helpful, keeping everyone informed
  • Habit
  • Lack of confidence, hoping that someone will pick up on it if I have made a mistake
  • Seeking recognition, demonstrating what wonderful work we are doing

In a busy world when you are bombarded with information, you need to be selective.  How can you cut down on the cc’s and perhaps cc ing people yourself? Understand why you are doing it and if you can stop. If you weren’t clearing down, filing and reading unnecessary emails what else could you doing?

I pledge to cc less this week, what about you?

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