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My 7 Steps to developing a thriving LinkedIn group

About two months ago, I decided to create a LinkedIn group especially for women called Rocking Your Role, the same title as this blog and my forthcoming book.

It is a group for sharing successes, experience and development opportunities of being: Female Breadwinners, Women Main Earners, Primary Earners in their home, Breadwinner Wives, Career Mums and Working women.

I like to take the trial and error approach, so I dived right in.

I thought I’d share my approach with you, there may be better ways of growing your group,  but I am pleased with the growing community that my group has become.

  1. Invite your existing LinkedIn connections who you think might be interested –  this is a quick win as those who you have built a relationship with you are more likely to join if they are in the target group.
  2. Start discussions – I began to post material to the group on a daily basis.  I quickly became concerned that I wouldn’t be able to come up with new and interesting discussions, so I set up google alerts which would send me information on the subjects I was looking for if anything was posted on the web.
  3. Keep it personal – rather than an automated message, I have opted to send a personal email each time someone joins, I offer a chat and or/meeting and suggest how they can become involved.
  4. Integrate new members and communicate – I let the group know every time someone joins and encourage the new person to introduce themselves.
  5. Manage sales messages – if group members are self promoting or promoting events, I quickly move these to the promotions tab to ensure that the ethos of the group is preserved.
  6. Promote the group – I use other forms of social media to share the message that your group exists, in an appropriate and helpful way. Where I think individuals will really benefit from it.
  7. Lastly persevere – about a month in to posting every day, I had very little interaction in the group and began to think that no one was interested.  Then slowly others started to contribute to give the group a life of it’s own rather than one that was being led by me.

I hope this is helpful to anyone setting up a LinkedIn group.   If you want to chat, gain support and read the latest from other female breadwinners, join my Rocking Your Role LinkedIn Group

My book Rocking Your Role – the ‘how to’ guide to success for Female Breadwinners, will be out in June 2012

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