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The ‘white elephant’ in the room?

I came across this video clip of the UK Show Loose Women on the subject of Women Breadwinners that took place in February 2010 and thought I’d share it with you.

Just watching the video clip highlights the emotional reaction women can have on the subject and that it is a very different experience for different people.  What stood out for me is that I felt that they were underplaying it’s significance. (this will happen when you try to tackle a subject with only 5 minutes, I guess) However, their conclusion that being a breadwinner wife shouldn’t be a problem was for me inadequate.

Just because something shouldn’t be a problem in modern society, doesn’t mean it isn’t!

In the clip, Kate Thornton summarises one of the biggest issues for female breadwinners, not talking about the ‘white elephant’ in room. I am not sure if the elephant needs to be white, but it is definitely something that is taboo or left unsaid.  Zoe Tyler says that she has always paid for everything breadwinner or not, this confused me, why? Carolyn McGiffin’s makes the point that we are all equal. This is in my opinion naive, we will hold different power in our relationships at different times, how we use it is what matters!

I would love to hear you reaction to it. It’ only four and a half minutes long, you can view it here

I also found these two tiny videos that provided a very literal description of the role of breadwinner, see them here – video one and video two.

Enjoy the videos and have a great hump day.

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