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Forget the squeezed middle, what about squeezed women

This week I have been sandwiched between the young and old in my life until it felt like I was squeezed dry and there was little left of me.

It couldn’t be helped, I was called by my daughters school when she fell off a climbing frame (note they didn’t even try to call Daddy, assuming it would be much easier for Mummy to drop any of the unimportant things she does) I then had to race across London to get to her and spend a number of hours in the urgent care unit.

The next day when working from home, I received a call that my grandmother was having trouble breathing so had to cancel my telephone meetings and ended up riding with her in the ambulance to hospital and then staying with her for a number of hours while the doctors and nurses provided a variety of tests to get to the bottom of the problem.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I am complaining because I am glad that I can be there for those closest to me, especially in an emergency. But I wanted to highlight the plight of many squeezed women.

It is not just children, work and partners that you need to spread yourself thin with but also likely to be parents and grandparents.

Waiting around in hospitals feels pointless at the best of times, but with preparation for workshops to do it becomes particularly frustrating. When you need to leave ultra early and know that it is going to be difficult for your daughter to get dressed without you due to her injury it is just another thing to think about.

The squeezed woman can and will definitely rise to the challenge, but recognising when enough is enough is critical.

The question is now that I have been squeezed dry, how do I replenish, ready to be squeezed all over again?

Any ideas?

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