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Feminine Fierceness

The wonderful author and speaker Marianne Williamson came to te UK recently and I heard her speak at Alternatives.  It was a full house of people hanging on her every word.

At one point she spoke about the fierceness of women when they are protecting their territory and the rules they lay down.  For example, they may say to their child, ‘this will not happen in my house or in my backyard’  and the child even if six foot tall and almost as wide will not cross their mother. When women feel strongly or are protecting their young, they are strong, fierce and courageous.

What Marianne said is that we need to protect the planet with that same fierceness that we would our home or our young, because the planet is our home and we are connected to every person on this planet.

These powerful words resonated with me.

If you were to extend the love, care, compassion, strength, protection you afford to your closest circle to everyone and they did it to you.  How would the world be different?

Just a thought.

Have the purrfect Friday.

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