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Yes, Yes, Yes

As part of the process of completing my book, I invited some influential women to read the galley copy and provide a testimonial if they felt that it was appropriate to do so.

One of the responses that I received made me think, it was as follows; ‘I went through this exact same exercise last autumn and will always remember the women who said no’.

It made me ponder:
Do the no’s stay with you while the yes’s fade?

If they were vehicles, would a no be a weighty, cumbersome, slow moving articulated lorry while yes might be a small, unobtrusive, nippy car like a mini?

Can it be helpful to remember the no’s?

  • For some I bet the no’s spur you on, in order to prove others wrong.
  • But I also wonder if remembering the no’s takes a little piece of your heart away, and fills it with anger, or sadness?
  • In this case holding on to the no enabled the respondent to have an advanced level of empathy for a complete stranger and read my book.Although I appreciate that in this case someone holding on to no benefited me. The concept of holding on to no’s doesn’t feel quite right.

    I prefer to celebrate the yes’s.

  • Those who encouraged me and didn’t laugh when I said that I was writing a book
  • The family members who said yes to me not giving them as much attention as usual
  • The wonderful women main earners who said yes to being interviewed for the book
  • The friends who said yes to brainstorming book titles with me, for days on end
  • Those that said yes to giving me honest and constructive feedback
  • Those that have said ‘yes’ to providing glowing endorsementsI also know that there are more to come. Those who will say yes to buying the book and join the Rocking Your Role community.

    The thought of all of these yes’s fills me happiness, propels me forward and keeps me thankful.

    I choose to celebrate the yes’s, what about you?

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2 thoughts on “Yes, Yes, Yes

  1. Jackee Holder on said:

    I really loved this Jenny! I am going to make it a Yes, Yes, Yes day!!!

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