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Acceptance speaks louder than words

I posted the following quote on twitter and have never had so many retweets:

If you judge people, you have no time to Love them

I wondered why and started to think about how judgement has been playing out in my life.

When we judge others it becomes impossible to empathise with them.  It becomes the ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ situation which we’ve all experienced.  What I have also noticed is that sometimes we convince ourselves that we are empathising, but what we’re really doing is pretending to do so while trying to get the other person around to our way of thinking.

The opposite of judgement is acceptance. So if I reworded the quote, it would say:

To accept people is to Love them

I don’t know about you, but for me it can be a challenge at times.  Through my coaching practice, and the theories of Carl Rogers, I have the foundation of ACE – Acceptance, Congruence and Unconditional postive regard for my clients, but it is probably those closest to me that push my buttons.

Now I think about it, how can I say that I want the best for someone, that I love them wholeheartedly and STILL judge them.  I can’t!

In addition that judgement causes tension, whereas acceptance provides release.

Acceptance starts with you, are you accepting yourself or casting unfair and unreasonable judgements?

As a female breadwinner, how can you start to accept and Love yourself?

My wish for you: Accept yourself exactly as you are today.

Let me know how you get on.


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