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Does the Queen understand Female Breadwinners?

The Fawcett Society reported on yesterday’s Queens speech and how it impacts women, one thing they said struck home regarding flexible parental leave which is proposed to give men an opprtunity to have leave as well as women:

“Current working practices rely on outdated ideas about the way families care for children. Dramatically different leave entitlements for mothers and fathers when a child is born mean many families – who thus far might have had fairly equitable arrangements in the home – find themselves forced to conform to old fashioned ideas about breadwinner and carer roles.”

As far as I’m aware flexible parental leave hasn’t been a big issue for the Queen and I wonder if she know’s anyone juggling their life priorities in the way female breadwinners do?

So do you think flexible parental leave for your partner as well as yourself, will help you as a female breadwinner?  Was this what you wanted to hear from the Queen?

In my opinion there should be more support for working mothers but I am also guilty at times of not doing enough to help myself.  The school run would be much more pleasant if Mums took it in turn to take additional children to school, not just their own.  It’s the same with parties, more helping each other could take place and we’d help to save the planet by consuming less fuel. Perhaps parents could even save costs on after school and breakfast clubs.

Considering that I may not be able to draw a pension before I am 80, my final career may end up being in childcare – supporting women in a more cost effective way than is currently available for them.

Maybe what we actually need the Queen to do is help us to organise ways to support each other instead of more reforms?

As a female breadwinner what would you have liked to have heard from the Queen?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day, I know I will.

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