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Hurting not working

The Guardian newspaper columnist Polly Toynbee was speaking on Radio 4 yesterday morning,  she said that the Coalition government that we have in place in the UK was ‘Hurting not Working’

Putting any political affiliations I have aside, I thought that this was a great phrase and it made me curious about how it could apply to the lives of women.  How are our actions ‘hurting rather than working?’

It made me think of:

Road rage – when someone shouts at someone else because of a mistake they’ve made on the road, it never achieves anything but embarrassment and bad feeling – that must be hurting and not working.

Trying to please people – when we want to make everyone happy and end up not pleasing them or ourselves – that must be hurting and not working

Taking people for granted – when we save the moaning, lashing out and unreasonable behaviour for those closest to us – that must be hurting and not working.

Let’s not mirror the current political situation – Whoever said ‘no pain, no gain’, was wrong! Let’s make it work, rather than hurt.

Keep me posted on what you do to make this happen.

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