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Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

The picture above is of Maya Angelou, a woman I think is growing old gracefully and embracing the wisdom that comes with it.

Miriam Makeba, South African singer and political activist said:

“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number:” But age is other things, too.  It is

wisdom, if one has lived one’s life properly.  It is experience and

knowledge.  And itis getting to know all the ways the world turns,

so that if you cannot turn the world the way you want, you can at

least get out of the way so you won’t get run over.

During May I am celebrating many birthdays of family and friends. and witnessing them embrace another year of wisdom and hope.

You don’t need to wait for your birthday to embrace this mindset, if you haven’t done already, start today.

Have fun growing older and wiser.

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One thought on “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

  1. Im am one of those birthday girls getting older and wiser and enjoying maturity and wisdom and the opportunity to look back and make amendments and adjustments.
    Until you have a few years under your belt you haven’t made enough mistakes to reflect on.
    The eventually getting it right part is the best bit.

    Remona, aged 35 in 3 days.

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