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Are you man enough?


Today, I’m trying to see the world from a male perspective. So far it’s been interesting.

Firstly, I received the feedback below from the man who is designing my book website:

‘I’ve read the intro and
it’s an interesting subject, it’s honest,
a touch daring (from a male perspective :)).’

Then I remembered an event I attended recently, where a woman who had read some of my book and started talking about it and I saw her partner squirming as the term female breadwinner was being batted around. I could see him physically dodging the invisible arrow that would be firmly landing on him as ‘not the breadwinner.’

These instances are helping me empathise with men. In order to support their female breadwinner partners they will need to step out of hiding, just as the women will. They will also need to be courageous, pioneering and strong.

Being a breadwinner wife or girlfriend is not a journey women take alone as it’s clear that for a woman to say that she is the breadwinner, highlights that her partner therefore isn’t. In other words, women must remember that your actions as a female breadwinner will have a reaction – so you need to choose them carefully.

I send some important questions out to all men:

* Are you man enough to feel happy for your partner and proud that she can bring home the bacon?

* Are you man enough to know that money is just one thing that you can bring to the relationship?

* Are you man enough to counter assumptions made by others from their view of traditional relationships?

I hope so.

Just like the man who can carry off a pink shirt with masculinity and swagger, I know you can do it.

Keep Rocking Your Role in life, whatever it may be.

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