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Difficult, but not impossible

As my grandmother starts her third week in hospital with pneumonia, I have been struck by her ability to languish in a place of not knowing.

When I visited her yesterday I felt that it would be helpful for her to know why she was in hospital and what the apparatus surrounding her was for.  After my probably quite long winded explanation she turned to me and said that she was now worried because she understood the full extent of her condition.

I then apologised but told her that I wanted her to understand that the staff in the hospital were trying to help rather than hinder her recovery.

She then thanked me for my intention.

The good news is that she has a very short memory and by tomorrow won’t recall it anyway, phew!

But I am left feeling impressed with her ability to be in a place of not knowing for this long and be Ok with it.

What helps her do this?

  • Faith? Probably
  • Acceptance? Most definitely
  • Contentment? Yes I think we’ve hit the spot, my granny has never really wanted more than she has

How difficult is it to be content in today’s society, when we are encouraged to want more, to be more, and to achieve more.

How difficult is it to accept your lot when we know so much more about what other’s have and are prone to comparison.

How difficult it is to have faith when we know that atrocities and disasters happen so frequently.

Difficult but not impossible, if my 76 year old granny can do it, I think you can do it too.

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