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Female Breadwinners – A Resource for you

It’s pleasing to see a small number of courageous women sharing their experience of being a female breadwinner, and those who want to support them. Here are a few:

Divine Caroline – who has taken 10 years to admit that she is the breadwinner

My piece on the fabulous Women Blog on why women should come out of the closet as breadwinner

A further segmenting of female breadwinners focusing on black women who this article states have been the breadwinner for a long time

The breadwinner Mom blog written by Traci Love Feit which shares her experience with her husband who is a stay at home Dad

Here’s a counselling and psychotherapy angle from Anne Marie Hearne which says that resentment, shame and guilt are part of the package for female breadwinners

The female breadwinners debate  from Women of HR

Lastly, a blog about female breadwinners and the law, shockingly some women are losing their children when they become divorced

Lot’s of good reading.  If any strike a chord with you or if indeed you disagree with any of them, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Enjoy your Saturday


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