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I have been nominated…

I am delighted to say that I have been nominated for the Women Inspiring Women Awards 2012 sponsored by Damsels in Success.

I have been nominated for the Coaching and Mentoring Award – (the woman whose coaching/mentoring has transformed the lives of others)

As part of the process I have had to create a 2 minute video about what do

Based on my bio and the video I will find out later in the week if I have been short – listed

If I am I will asking for your help as I will need votes to win

Wish me luck and thanks so much for reading my blog, it means a lot to me.

ps – you’ll get  a sneak peak of the book cover of my forthcoming book – Rocking Your Role, if you watch it.


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7 thoughts on “I have been nominated…

  1. Talk about “sneak peak” that was quick!! Exciting though, an actual book! Whooohooo!!! Too exciting.
    It’s about time you got an award for inspiring women, all it will take to win is for those you’ve inspired to nominate. There are so many of us you’ll win for sure! Mwah!!

    • Thanks so much, it is really exciting to have a hard copy of my book after all this time and delighted to be nominated for this award. Will let you know if I am shortlisted. Jen x

      • I hope you will be. You certainly deserve it, you work so hard.
        The book does look good! Next time a show close up shot straight in the camera lense would be appreciated! lol

  2. Many congratulations Jenny and well deserved. I have my fingers crossed and fingers ready for dialling/typing!

  3. Very well done Jenny for the nomination, am looking forward to hearing and seeing how things work out. All the very best with it. Janice x

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