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What would be different if you had no guilt?

I have been collaborating with a newly found kindred spirit – Jane Upward around the topic of women and guilt.  We’ve had some really interesting discussions about:

  • whether guilt is an illusion,
  • whether you own it or it can be given,
  • whether you can live a guilt free life?

and mused about:

  • whether guilt related to your religion, upbringing, experience, values?
  • and if you don’t feel guilty, do you really have a heart?

What do you think, could guilt be a motivator and a positive  force for change?

What makes you feel guilty, or have you kicked the habit, if so, how?

These are not rhetorical questions, we really do want to know what you think, so feel free to leave a comment

We will be talking about guilt and its many facets on Viv Oyolu’s Dream Corner Radio show on 29th June at 12pm, OnFM 101.4, tune in and continue the discussion with us.


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3 thoughts on “What would be different if you had no guilt?

  1. Growing up a Christian there were always issues with sex and therefore there was a purity guilt on us girls!
    It was so unhealthy. The boys Didn’t have the same amount of pressure/guilt!

    Will we be reminded to tune in on the day?

    • This is an interesting point – are girls taught from a young age to be guilty? – through their parents religious or moral values

      But have you answered the question ? What would be different if you had no guilt?

      Don’t worry I will definitely tweet a reminder to tune in 🙂

      • No, still haven’t, for some reason, answered the darn question.
        Ok, here goes: If I had no guilt I would be boundaryless and probably more free. I would set my own limits to what I considered acceptable or unacceptable and if I made a mistake or did the wrong thing I wouldn’t pause to feel guilty about it, I’d brush off my coat and move on.
        THe worry is of course that it could also make me a little hard and unreflective. Pros and Cons I suppose.

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