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Comparison – the enemy of imagination

From a young age we are taught to compare – she or he is better at maths, sports, more attractive, a better dancer.

This is I think supposed to breed an atmosphere of healthy competition and drive for excellence.

For some this serves as a motivator helping them to excel to want to be the best, the one others compare themselves to, unfortunately for others I think that this comparison is limiting

Who sets this measurement of what excellence is? What are we comparing ourselves to, how do they know what good or excellent looks like?

I am currently bombarded by emails from people who claim to be the best, the biggest, the richest, the happiest, encouraging me to come on their courses so I too can be like them.

What if I don’t want to be like them, what if I design on my own terms what success looks like for me!

The best in my opinion, has yet to be imagined, it is not found by comparing yourself to others or by emulating them. It is found by cutting your way through the undergrowth to find your own path, Indiana Jones or Lara Croft style, and coming out the other side and saying in the words of Frank Sinatra ” I did it my way“.

This is a plea to female breadwinners in particular – don’t compare yourself to others and don’t allow them to compare themselves to you, instead imagine your best life the way you want it and make it happen. You are only limited by your imagination…

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know how you’ve done it your way.


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