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Video Killed the radio star

Do you remember the song ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, for those who want to reminise it was by Buggles, if you click on the link it will take you to their You Tube video

This song has come to my mind over the last week because I have appeared on a number of radio shows talking about my new book Rocking Your Role, which is a guide for female breadwinners.  Through this experience I would say that the radio star is alive and kicking:

I discussed whether women are the Richer Sex? – on web talk radio a US internet radio show

I was a special guest on You’re important to Sara talking about all aspects of being a female breadwinner – Canadian Web radio show

I engaged in Ola’s 7 moments radio show on Tycoon Women, this was great because I could choose my favourite songs, it was like therapy!

Next stop was Viv Oyulo’s Dream Corner, unfortunately their site is down so I can’t provide a link to the recording, but Jane Upward and I spoke about guilt and Viv was lots of fun.

This was all good practice for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour which took place on Monday, that was very exciting, I met Cherry Healy and Vicky Price at BBC Broadcasting house. (the picture above is of us in the green room) I was given some tough questions, but am delighted that within only 5 days of my launch I had this interview – an achievement I think and my Mum was very proud.

On Thursday I have an interview with Newstalk, Irelands National Independent radio station.

So video hasn’t killed the radio star – whether I am a star or not can definitely be debated.

Things I’ve learnt from being on radio:

1. Have a good cough before you go on air, so you are loud and clear during the interview

2. However many pre show conversations you have with the producers you never know what they are going to say, so be prepared to think on your feet

3. Have one important message that you want to get across, so that no matter what,  you have achieved your goal.

4. Take an index card with a couple of bullet points on it, even if they say that they don’t want you to, just in case you lose your train of thought.

5. Try and relax (easier said than done)

I am running a virtual book event tomorrow 5th July at 1pm GMT to discuss the findings featured in my book  Rocking Your Role, join me , its free and it will be interactive

Keep Rocking Your Role and if you haven’t got the book that every radio station wants to talk about yet, you can order it from amazon

I also have a suite of programmes and services to support female breadwinners, see them here 


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2 thoughts on “Video Killed the radio star

  1. Applause!! Next stop ITVs Loose Women!! 🙂

  2. And fortunately or unfortunately not young enough to be ignorant about that song.

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