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What do you think of this take on my Radio 4 interview?

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Three reports came my way this week; an article, a radio interview and a small news item. Separate issues, but clearly linked.

In Financial News, with the headline “Davies shuns quotas to address gender imbalance”, is an article about Lord Davies and his research into women in the boardroom. He suggests that women should be allowed to rise to top roles through merit alone and that quota systems will not enhance the place of women at the top table.

During Monday’s BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Jenny Garret was interviewed about her new book, “Rocking your Roll”. It sets out to go beneath the surface of what it means to be a female breadwinner, aiming to “drag women kicking and screaming out of the closet”. She says “I want society to change its attitudes to female breadwinners and stay at home dads. I want women to be able…

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