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Laugh, Balance, Be Well – National Work-Life Week 2012


Do you want to?

1. Transition quickly and effectively from your professional to personal life

2. Learn the five Steps To Discovering YOUR Balance

3. Find out the 3 Keys to High Performance and Happiness at Work and Beyond

4. Create balance

5. Focus on Your Inner Wellbeing

6. Take Responsibility for Your Health and wellbeing

7. Find inner joy and strength through Quantum Laughter & Happiness

Let us show you how.

5 Days of Free access to 7 International experts with over 100 years of experience in work life balance, stress reduction, personal and professional development.

During National Work-Life week 24th – 28th September, 2012 each expert will be offering a FREE one hour session that you can access from the comfort of your desk via Book in for your session now as places are limited.

Find out more here

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