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5 critical ways to avoid running on empty

Yesterday I was driving along and as I turned a corner my car stopped. I tried to restart it to no avail. I looked at the aeroplane like dash board of mine and saw the red fuel light flashing and realised that I was empty. The shame is that this was no surprise, it had been flashing for a few days but I had chosen to ignore it, I kept pushing my luck driving a few extra miles and hoping that my car would get me there. The car finally said enough is enough. Luckily there were kind strangers who would stop, push my car and drive me to the petrol station to get fuel, so that I could be on my way again. The experience got me thinking about how many of us are running on empty. Not refuelling and hoping that we still reach our destination. For you the fuel might be:

• A healthy diet
• Exercise
• Spiritual space
• Family time
• Friendships
• Relaxation
• Learning
• Sleep

We often let these things get to dangerously low levels before we refuel, and as a result our health, wealth, relationships will suffer.
Why do we do it?

– Arrogance – we think we’re invincible
– Prioritising the wrong things e.g. work, others
– Lack of self-awareness and self listening

Here are 5 top tips to prevent you running out of fuel

1. Schedule in resourcefulness time – what makes you feel good and energised.

2. Sleep – It provides physical renewal and hormone regulation. Without it you are more likely to become sick, depressed, weight gain and a lack of concentration.

3. Plan your food intake, sugary snacks, fast food and caffeine, are quick uppers but you come down just as quickly. Choose fresh foods that nourish you and slowly release energy.

4. Do something just for fun at least once a month.

5. Take 5 minutes a day, just to listen to You and Breathe.

And remember if you do break down like I did. Always ask for help, there are a lot of wonderful people out there.

I am Jenny Garrett, Executive Coach, founder of Reflexion Associates, a leadership and coaching consultancy and author or Rocking Your Role – the how to guide to success for female breadwinners. See my Certificated Rocking Your Role: Women Breadwinners and Entrepreneurs programme, it might be just the development that you’re looking for.


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3 thoughts on “5 critical ways to avoid running on empty

  1. Reblogged this on On Tramway Avenue and commented:
    Ever feel like you’re running out of road?
    Don’t breakdown, as strong as we are, we’re more fragile than you think!
    This is a helpful read. Heed the advice; Be blessed!

  2. Thanks so much for re blogging me blog , kindness personified 🙂

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