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Newspaper would like you to share your story #female breadwinners #women breadwinners

Newspaper journalist is looking for a case study of a woman who works longer hours in a better paid job, while her partner picks up the slack at home.

She wants to do a balanced, sympathetic piece about how gender roles are changing.

She understands this is a personal subject and the case study would need to be happy to be named, but hopefully we can look at why their set-up works for them in a really positive light. She already has another two case studies – one who employs her husband and one who is a female bodybuilder and works out all the time, while her husband doesn’t do any exercise. The idea is to talk about woman adopting the stereotypically more ‘male’ role and the benefits / drawbacks of doing so.
She could offer a full read through of quotes used and a payment on publication – although only something small like £100 for your time
If you fit the bill and it’s of interest, contact me


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2 thoughts on “Newspaper would like you to share your story #female breadwinners #women breadwinners

  1. Carol Jordan on said:

    I am a college instructor living in Oregon. Due to the recession, my husband is currently unemployed. We have one grown daughter in college. I would say that financial stress is difficult. I would much rather we both be working and not having to worry about finances.

    • Thanks for sharing Carol, I am sorry to hear that things are tough for you right now. Thank goodness you are still able to work and keep the family afloat. The journalist that is seeking the story is after Uk couples at this time, but will definitely keep you in mind if I have a journalist seeking an international perspective on breadwinning. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you.

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