For women who Rock their Role in work and life

Speakers announced for Women Breadwinners Leadership Success Programme

Andrew Priestley ISMM-2Andrew Priestley is an award winning business coach, author and international professional speaker.

Qualified in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Andrew helps people to both make and save more money and become more profitable.

This session will introduce you to ten money managing skills that WILL make a profound difference to your relationship with money. If your goal is to have more money you will enjoy this session. If your goal is to be debt-free this is a must.

Joanna Pieters
Joanna Pieters founded lifestyle organisation service Time Wizard after 15 years running large teams in high-pressure media businesses. Having seen friends and colleagues overwhelmed by the stress of juggling work, family, and health, she asked, ‘who can help?’ When the answer wasn’t obvious, she started Time Wizard to take on their to-do lists and daily tasks, allowing pressurised families to be healthier, happier and less stressed.

Joanna helps her clients be more successful by finding practical ways to identify and outsource appropriate areas of their lives. She helps clients see delegating at home as a sign of strength, rather than something to feel guilty about, allowing them to focus on the things that are most important to them and their families. An expert in delegation, organisation and productivity, Joanna is in regular demand from the UK media to talk on subjects as diverse as decluttering and time management.
This session will introduce you to how to choose, use and manage outsourcing to help you succeed at home and at work.
Amber Khan is a wellness mentor, speaker, an entrepreneur &  a soon to be published author of Guilt-free Mum.
She has experience of working in the corporate environment, the pressure & responsibilities which come with it, in addition to the household responsibilities of a mother.
A health scare 2 years ago impelled her to change her lifestyle. To let go of the super mum & mummy-guilt syndromes for a healthier & sustainable future for herself & her family. She has since helped several mothers along their journey of guilt trips.
Amber is passionate about liberating mothers from ineffective practices & to put them on the path to living a guilt-free lifestyle.
and me – Jenny Garrett  423744_10150696561171514_1808655218_n

Sought after executive coach, mentor, founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy and author of Rocking your Role.

I have featured extensively in the media, on programmes such as: Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour & Newstalk radio as well as writing articles and contributing to many national publications, such as Sun Employment and Glamour Magazine. I am also a blogger for the BOSS American woman’s online network. Over 10 years of experience as an executive coach and trainer has enabled me to create this practical and transformational programme.

Only 6 places left – BOOK NOW **** Early bird price only £75

Move from struggling and juggling to Rocking Your Role in life

Sound familiar:

  • Torn between work and family roles?
  • Zero ‘me’ time?
  • Feeling that you have limited choices?
  • It’s all down to you?
  • Riddled with guilt?

This one day programme is designed to move you from struggling and juggling to Rocking Your Role in life


  • How to have the ‘money’ conversation that you’ve been avoiding
  • Improve your communication
  • How your leadership preference is impacting your communication
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that most Women Breadwinners fall into
  • Strategies to succeed and feel in control

Who is it for:

Women who are the primary earner in their home

Women entrepreneurs

Women executives

Only 6 places left – BOOK NOW **** Early bird price only £75


Programme Overview:

The aim of the programme is to help women like you, lead themselves to success:

Using the 12-step process designed by Jenny Garrett from her work coaching hundreds of women and outlined in the research in her book Rocking Your Role, you will:

  • Focus on your Personal and Professional Leadership skills
  • Increase your critical leadership skill of Self-Awareness
  • Understand the Emotions that may be holding you back
  • Embrace your Femininity as a strength
  • Celebrate Success
  • Action Plan


  • Increased Confidence in your ability to cope and succeed
  •  Freedom from the shackles of guilt, resentment and shame
  •  Improved sense of psychological, physical and spiritual Well-Being
  • Sense of Direction and Purpose
  • Community and Belonging through the Support of the group
  • An ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) certificate

Only 6 places left – BOOK NOW **** Early bird price only £75

What participants have said:


A fabulous, supportive, empowering course for female breadwinners and entrepreneurs to share ideas

Hannah Foxley, Women’s Wealth Expert

Empowering and an eye opener

Aina Khan, Family Law Consultant


Enlightening, delicate,  but rich

Cherryl Martin, CMO with FTSE 100 Marketing, Sales and Business Performance Expertise


Reflective of my needs

Caroline Peryagh, Director, Global Client Strategy

Only 6 places left – BOOK NOW **** Early bird price only £75


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