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The Big Flip

Izzy Chan is looking to make a documentary about families where the women is the main earner in the US.
I must admit that I usually scoff at these because they seem sensationalised and producers are looking for extreme alpha females.
However from Izzy’s slides her emphasis is on families and making it work, as is mine.

Take a look,  it’s a great summary of where women breadwinners are in their journey, the fact that we are on the cusp of the ‘Big Flip’ .

Also let me know what you think of the term she has for Stay at Home Dads: Home Guardian Husbands – what do you think, any better?

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One thought on “The Big Flip

  1. A fascinating and interesting article and one that doesn’t really surprise me that much; I think that we are seeing more and more of the ‘big flip’ as world wide recession has taken a hold and more families have had to re-think how they earn their disposable income.
    Trisha Proud
    Partners in Solutions Ltd

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