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Women – do you value work-life balance more than salary and position? LinkedIn says you do

This really interesting study via LinkedIn has revealed Global Trends for Women and Work

  • Womens definition of professional success has changed in the last 5-10 years
  • Work-life balance is more highly valued than salary and position
  • Women are concerned about a lack of investment in their ‘professional development’ and ‘lack of a clear career path’

Work-Life balance is key for working women and working families and will be very individual. How do you balance that with wanting to drive your career forward.  Is wanting balance still seen very much as  a lack of commitment to your role and career?  are we really willing to sacrifice income for balance, or is that only when we are already financially secure?

How do you get the right balance for you, join the Rocking Your Role LinkedIn group to discuss this further

See the full slideshow presentation below:


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One thought on “Women – do you value work-life balance more than salary and position? LinkedIn says you do

  1. Personally I strive for work life integration as it gives more flexibility whereas balance makes it seem rather rigid; doing one or the other. To get the integration; you need the support of your spouse or partner and if you are single the support of your family that is crucial. For me personally its the future of my children that is important to me so that if I have to make sacrifices now to ensure their future is secure then so be it. To get it right sacrifices have to be made that is why I believe work life integration is more appropriate. Which one do I put above the other? For now my income is important now because that is what will help give my kids that security. Its about thinking long term; how important is missing that school play compared to being able to put them through university? At the end of the day its all about choices and sacrifice and this is very individual.

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