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Can you really love your children and career equally?

Working Mum

Working Mum

A Global LinkedIn study of Women@Work, has revealed how Mums feel about family and career

  • 53% of women love their children and career equally
  • 25% of women love their children, but say they could never be a stay at home Mum
  • 22% of women love their job, but if they had a choice would be a stay at home

The response may partly be informed by who was asked, after all I am not sure how many stay at home Mums bother to engage in LinkedIn, it’s target audience is business and corporates.

I am curious about the 1st statistic, to ‘love’ work and your children equally, what does that look like?

I have to admit that I am in the 25% bracket, which means that I am coming from that perspective.

However the unconditional love that I feel for my child can’t compete with a career I also love, I can’t see how it could?

You can have a passion for your career, a mission, a crusade, but can this really match the fruit of your loins?  In fact it’s the love for my child that spurs me on to be better at work, after all I am a role model, leaving a legacy  for her.

Work can give you so much: status, financial security, power, friendship, but it doesn’t have your DNA, it doesn’t still love you when you are at your worst, work is often unforgiving and relentlessly demanding.

Let’s not confuse one type of love with another, or we’ll really be in trouble!

I am Jenny Garrett, Executive Coach, founder of Reflexion Associates, a leadership and coaching consultancy and author or Rocking Your Role – the how to guide to success for female breadwinners. Find out more about me, my programmes, speaking engagements and training at and sign up for my newsletter


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