For women who Rock their Role in work and life


Hello, I am Jenny Garrett, founder of Reflexion Associates, leadership coach, speaker and author of Rocking Your Role, the ‘how to’ guide to success for female breadwinners ( recently featured on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour)

This blog is dedicated to the women who bring home the bacon:

  • female breadwinners
  • career mums
  • career women
  • working women
  • working mums
  • primary earners
  • main earner
  • single parents
  • women executives
  • women entrepreneurs

However your define yourself, you are a growing population and one that does not yet have a voice.

I will share my musings, experience and advice and hope that you will too.

I have written a book on the subject entitled ‘Rocking Your Role – The ‘how to’ guide to success for Female Breadwinners’ published by Ecademy Press
Order it via this link Rocking Your Role
and I have a Linkedin group entitled Rocking Your Role which I would love for you to join.

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Keep Rocking Your Role

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