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Using Technology to Accelerate the Radiography Profession

Using Technology to Accelerate the Radiography Profession.


Using Technology to Accelerate the Radiography Profession


Having read “Watch What You Say” on the Society of Radiographers (SoR) webpages I have decided this evening to write an unscheduled blog to look at the positives of engaging in Social Media for radiographers.

This piece, written by Warren Town Director of Industrial Relationships for SoR, makes some very valid points about our professional responsibilities in on-line activities and made me reflect on my own Social Media (#SoMe) activity. In June 2014 I decided to embark on a project that looked to engage undergraduate radiographer learners in a level three professional practice module which has a 14 week clinical placement with academic weeks at either ends. Having been the module leader the year before, it was evident that when students were on placement they became disengaged with the module. Drawn by the back story of WeCommunities founder, Theresa Chinn MBE, and how she had used twitter to deal with…

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A Blog For ILM Inspire. Happenista Project: Starting Out


The Happenista Project is a unique online coaching programme for women who want to make things happen – in their own style. Janice St. John-Matthews shares her experiences with us from the very beginning

Two months ago I started a new departmental leadership role. Although I have had a similar position with another organisation five years ago and have been an associate member of the Institute of Leadership & Management for many years, I have been nervous taking on this commitment.  The reason for this is because I am now mum to a three year old and I realise that the traditional networking and work-life balance strategies I had employed in the past would need redesigning if I was to give this role and my family the commitment they both deserve.

I have been considering how to get this balance right for some time and having read Jenny Garett’s Rocking…

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9 Tips for Dealing With Impostor Syndrome

A Year of Living Academically

I have been thinking a lot about impostor syndrome lately. Mainly because I see my fellow postdocs and assistant profs (and let’s be honest some associate profs) suffering from it. One of my last conversations with a fellow postdoc before I left for the summer was about how hir imposter syndrome kept hir from writing and submitting an article for review. I wanted to shake hir, tell hir s/he’s wonderful and smart (since I had read hir work and seen hir present), but some how I didn’t think that would do the trick.

Others have been thinking about impostor syndrome as well, such as Nate Krueter who defines it as, “the lurking, sinking, throbbing feeling that they will soon be exposed for the intellectual and professional frauds that they sometimes suspect themselves of being.” He suggests asking questions when transitioning into a new job and being honest when dealing with…

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19th February and I’m Up in the Air #dailypositives

Jess Positive

I’m back! I said I would be and taa daa here I am!

It was a bit of a longer break than intended but I feel this is now the right time to pick up from where I left off and get positive again. A key motivator is being part of the #Happenista project. This is encouraging me to grasp my cyber demons and share my work on multiple platforms including a blog…

A Happenista discussion with Jenny Garrett and others taking part made me realise it’s not enough to be positive alone, I need to be productive too! I am currently in the fortunate if unexpected position of being up in the air. I have many landing options below me but am yet to plump for which one or perhaps which few options to go for.

I have so many motivating factors i.e. family, intellectual stimulation, family business… They…

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Happenista Homework

Moving blog that all should read to remind of us the importance of a few words and our humanity.


It’s that time of year again. Personal statements have been written. UCAS applications have been sent and the interviewing process has begun to recruit the next generation of diagnostic radiographers. It’s no secret that candidates will be asked why they are considering a degree in radiography. It will be no surprise to hear that for most it is the mix of technical skill and patient care that attracts them to the profession- I gave that very answer seventeen year ago. While my answer hasn’t changed during this time, my appreciation of the patient care aspect of our role has.

In 2002, less than a year qualified, my Mum passed away from a short illness. During this time Mum had became a hospital regular and came across a number of different departments and professionals. It was her account of a visit to the imaging department which made me further consider our…

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On the Move


Thank you so much to you for taking the time to read this blog over the past year.

The highlight so far was the day I received 4606 visits!

You may know that there are 2 sides to my business:

1. Reflexion Associates – Leadership coaching and coach training in organisations

2. Rocking Your Role – my book, speaking engagements, training and support for women executives, entrepreneurs and breadwinners

I have decided to consolidate my blog into my sites and would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to one or both of my blogs in their new home.

I won’t be posting here any longer.

1. Reflexion Associates blog – , register for updates via the newsletter sign up box at the top of the page

2. Rocking Your Role blog – , add your email in the subscribe box

See you at the house warming

Warm wishes


Jenny Garrett

+44 (0) 844 776 4744

Mum who is the main breadwinner and a Dad who supports the rest of the family needed for leading washing brand video

I have been contacted by Candid Casting who are seeking a real family with a working Mum and stay at home/part time working Dad for a leading washing brand’s video.

Time is of the essence as they will be shooting this on 20th and 21st April !

Here are the details, please contact them (not me) for any further information as I am just passing or their enquiry and have no involvement in this:

‘Exciting opportunity to share your real life stories in a documentary-style video for a leading brand of detergent!  We are looking for busy, active families with two or more children aged 5-13.  We need a Mum who is the main breadwinner and a Dad who supports the rest of the family.  This doesn’t involve any acting as we want your real stories and personalities to shine!  If you, or any friends fit the bill, please contact Claire on 0207 490 8882/

Please send a family photo and give us a brief description of your home and work situation.  You will be compensated for your time and given a copy of the finished film to share with all the family!’

Many thanks in advance!

Claire Bleasdale

Candid Casting

Stay at home Dads / Female Breadwinners

Stay at home Dads / Female Breadwinners – Two sides of the same coin?

My Blog from 0 to 9,300 views – 2012 in review

I started my blog in March 2012, I am pleased with how it has grown and developed a following.

The WordPress.cHom stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog, take  a look, you’ll find that you are in good company!

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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