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Lean In with…….Chocolate

Sheryl Sandberg Lean In groups

Sheryl Sandberg Lean In groups

There has been a lot of talk about Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, telling women to ‘Lean in’.  By encouraging women to ‘lean in’, Sheryl is encouraging women not to sabotage their own careers by shying away from the top jobs, but lean in to the opportunities instead.  I was interested to find that she is planning to launch ‘Lean in’ groups for women.

This is a great idea, although Inge Woudstra from Mum & Career and I had thought of it first!

We are running 3 hour Saturday morning sessions where women can benefit from networking and putting strategies together to advance their personal and professional lives.

These sessions will be expertly facilitated by us – we are trained action learning facilitators.

They are not just a talking shop or tea and sympathy but action oriented, experience packed events to take you towards your goals.

What’s even more exciting is the venue is Daskalides Belgian chocolatier in Covent Garden.

I am sure the smell of chocolate will help our creative juices flow.

Daskalides chocolatier in Covent Garden.

Lean in with Chocolate – Creative Solution Groups

Daskalides chocolatier in Covent Garden.

Venue for Creative Solution Groups askalides chocolatier in Covent Garden.

The first event will take place on Saturday 4th May.

You can take advantage of the early bird price until 1st April

You can book here, or call me on 0844 776 4744 for more information

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Join 60 other fabulous women for an evening of all things fab.

I will be speaking about Superwoman Syndrome at the Ealing Fabulous women event on 17th July and will be giving away a copy of my book Rocking Your Role as a prize, in addition I will be offering  a free 30 minute ‘Rocking and Shocking’ assessment session to the first 5 women who request it, after my talk.

Alongside myself, UK’s leading life coach, Carole Ann Rice, Style Guru, Kate Nightingale, Strange Fruit Founder, Denise Rawls, Mum&Career Founder, Inge Woudstra and Motivational Coach, Inge Deksnewill also be speaking.

Come along and join 60 other fabulous women for an evening of all things fab. These events are always a treat. Come and hear amazing speakers each talking to topics fabulous women care about. Have a mini-treatment, indulge in some cupcakes or simply sit back, relax and have a great time. All while raising funds for The Rainbow Trust.

Tickets are only £10 with proceeds going to The Rainbow Trust
Don’t delay. These popular evenings sell out!
Bookings and info:


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